First Impressions - Gold Impressions

Whether it’s a conscious decision, or not, a lot of opinions are based on first impressions. If you walk into a restaurant and you are ignored by a waiter, you are immediately put into a bad frame of mind before you even see the food. It’s exactly the same in an office environment.

At Jolie Siam we know that your reputation lives and dies with your receptionist. They’re the first face you see when you walk into an office, and the first voice you hear on the telephone. If they’re on their game, and they’re tuned into your company values then they’ll be an excellent ambassador for your company, helping you sell your brand before your customers even know they’re being sold to.

A key to making this happen is by keeping your receptionist included and aware of their role in the company. Too many companies leave the receptionist alone, on their front desk, and don’t involve them in what the rest of the company is doing.

Making sure your receptionist feels like part of the team, and that they are included in company events, staff meetings and get together is integral to foster than team spirit. Too often the receptionist is left isolated, answering the phone alone for everybody else.

Another important factor to consider is the level of awareness your receptionist has about what you do. Too often are receptionists treated as an extension of an automatic answering machine. Receptionists should be briefed on new products, have business plans explained to them, and generally be treated just as any other member of staff would be.

This will help ensure that when difficult calls come through, the receptionist will be aware of what’s going on, and know where to put the call immediately, helping to reduce any customer anger, instead of not knowing what was going on and making the situation worse by not understanding, or wasting time trying to sort out the problem.

This is why all of our receptionists are thoroughly trained. When we get a new receptionist, internally, they go through the same induction as all of our staff, so they are fully aware of what we do, and how we like to do it. The same goes for all of our outsourced staff. Before we send them to the client they get a full briefing on what to expect, how to behave, and the companies standards, to make sure that they’re ready to go from their first day.

So make sure your receptionist is included, and educated on what you do, and you’ll get happier customers, and a happier receptionist!


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